Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” Star Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee Banned From Cast Group-Chat

According to Digital Spy,

Love Is Blind star Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee has been shut out by the cast after being banned from their group chat.

The reality TV star has become a controversial figure since his debut on the show, with fans complaining over his comments towards women and the way he treated his partner Deepti.

He apologized but the cast didn’t fall for the act.

Fellow Love is Blind co-star Danielle Ruhl spoke to Insider during the iHeartRadio Music Awards, confirming that the cast had cut ties with him, going as far as banning him from their group chat.

“I’ve had to block him on every single form of social media,” said Ruhl. “I don’t even know what’s going on in his life.”

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