Netflix “Too Hot To Handle” Season 3 Review

There’s a new bunch of horny singles in town and they’re ready for fun.

Starting as “Pleasure Island”, these 10 + 2 singles had no idea that they were on THTH.

Season 3 cast is a very likable cast and the season will definitely keep you intrigued. This season gives Lana a run for her money.

Holly and Nathan are the standouts of the season so far and that’s expected because they’re stirring up the most problems in the villa. Is it real love or is it just just?

Georgia is the one all the boys want but it’s clear that she doesn’t want any of them. She’s there for a good time and don’t care about the cash. Her triangle with Stevan and Patrick is never-ending.

Stevan starts to hit it off with newbie Olga while Patrick continues to sing his way into Georgia’s heart.

Truth tries to be a smooth criminal but it doesn’t seem to be working out for him. Rookie move? His relationship with Izzy is on the rocks because of lies and she caught onto them pretty fast. He fumbled both Izzy and Jaz but who know what will happen in the end. Will Truth start telling the Truth?

Jaz is beautiful! I hope she can find someone to connect with in the house as she’s not really feeling the new guy Obi.

Harry & Beaux deserves more TV time. The two seem to be hitting it off pretty well. You can definitely see the genuine connection between the two.

This season is definitely a fun watch and I hope I persuaded you guys to watch it without giving too much up. You’ll have to see all the mess unfold for yourself.

Now streaming on Netflix!

Update: Truth and Jaz were sent home early and we did not like that. We really liked this season in the end. Such a fun ending.

Also newbie Brianna is so beautiful.

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