Is Netflix And “Roaring Twenties” Taking Pages From MTV’s “The Real World” & “The Challenge”?

Recently Netflix just shared that they’re airing a new program titled “Roaring Twenties” that will put young adults in one house where they will face real life situations…..sounds kind of like MTV’s hit 1992 series “The Real World” right?

“The Real World” Season 2 (MTV)
“Roaring Twenties” Season 1 (Netflix)

That’s not all…we also think that Netflix is trying to create their own version of “The Challenge”. Earlier this year, the platform released a “Netflix Games” on YouTube which seemed like a test run.

The game picked players from Netflix hit shows like “Love Is Blind”, “The Circle” and “Too Hot To Handle”. With “Roaring Twenties” airing, it gives a future reality competition show like “The Challenge” but for Netflix more people to choose from which could possibly lead to an even bigger version of the “Netflix Reality Games” that were aired on YouTube.

There’s also been a lot of controversy going on with MTV and how production let’s certain cast members get away with things. One incident during The Challenge Dirty 30 seen cast member Camila being racist towards Challenge legend Leroy. He has now officially retired from the show because of this reason. Is the franchise on its way out and will Netflix pick up the pieces?

Do you think Netflix is planning on copying MTV’s formula and making it even bigger?

Will this shut down MTV’s “The Challenge” franchise or can they all co-exist?

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