Dove Cameron Trends On Twitter After Not Being Cast In “Wicked”; Role Went To Ariana Grande

Fans all over social media were a bit upset that Dove Cameron didn’t get the role of Glinda in the “Wicked” movie.

She was the perfect choice and Kristin Chenoweth’s #1 choice for the role. Dove Cameron also has tons of Broadway experience. Ariana instead will take on the role.

Ariana and Dove both starred in Hairspray Live together and no disrespect to Ariana but Dove was the breakout star in that performance.

Dove isn’t as big of a star as Ariana Grande so we can see why Jon M. Chu picked Ariana. Chu cares a lot about the clout the movie will get and with Ariana being a lead, the movie will no doubt do well.

Not saying that Dove Cameron wouldn’t bring the fans because I think she would. Chu just took the easy route. Dove Cameron is a huge Disney star that’s waiting for her “after Disney” big break and I believe a lot of people are waiting for it as well. Her getting cast as Glinda would’ve been that big break. Dove was recently cast as Bubbles in the PowerPuff live action series but that also had a setback. She’s set to refilm the pilot but currently unsure if she series will move forward. Dove is signed with Columbia and Disruptor for her music who doesn’t seem to take her music career as serious as they should because her music is great.

Seems like a lot of bad luck in the industry on Cameron’s end.

Dove has yet to respond about not getting the role but we hope that she can find an even bigger breakout role someday.

Dove even changed her hair color