Throwback: (VIDEO) Bitcoin’s Community will be it’s downfall, Member screams “F*ck Elon” and Dogecoin supporter steps in

In June the crypto market was crashing and Bitcoin holders were blaming it all on Elon Musk.

To them, Elon isn’t allowed to help any other cryptocurrencies and I feel like Elon is kind of getting fed up.

The video thats floating around :

Elon responded:

A Dogecoin supporter hopped on the stage as well;

Elon sees something in Dogecoin and we do as well and feel it could be bigger and better than Bitcoin.

There’s also a video going around of Floyd Mayweather speaking that another crypto will get just as big as Bitcoin and the crowd Boo’d showing the community negative spirit and how it’s going to be their downfall.

Elon gave Shib a shout out.