Will Netflix Renew “Squid Game” For A Season 2?

Korean fictional drama “Squid Game” has captivated audiences worldwide, making it the number one show on Netflix.

The dark South Korean drama centers around a group of people who play each other in life-or-death games to win an insane amount of money.

Now the question everyone is asking is, will the show get a season 2?

Parrot Analytics, whose “demand index” quantifies content popularity by looking at everything from online buzz and Google searches to the frequency of illegal downloads, this week called Squid Game “a word-of-mouth global sensation” and noted that, as of Sunday, the series is now the most in-demand show in the world, with 79 times as much audience interest as the average title. It’s gaining traction in the U.S., though not quite as rapidly as elsewhere: On Monday, the day before Sarandos made his comments, Squid Game was the 18th most in-demand U.S. series per Parrot, generating about 33 times the demand of a typical show here, and second only to consistent chart-topper Stranger Things among all Netflix originals.

Netflix Global TV Chief Bajaria sounds upbeat about the prospect of a Season 2 and suggests that it would depend on Hwang’s schedule and his desires for how to proceed. “He has a film and other things he’s working on,” she says, noting the creator likes to collaborate with “other writers” who might come onboard for a new chapter. “We’re trying to figure out the right structure for him.”

Seems like Netflix is all for renewing the show but waiting to see what the creators want to do.

Come back late for more information on “Squid Game”.