Season Finale Review: Who Won Season 3 Of Netflix “The Circle”!?

Another season of Netflix “The Circle” is coming to an end and it’s bittersweet.

Let’s see how everything unfolds.

So the finale Top 5 is officially Ashley, Isabella, James, Kai and Nick and there will be one last rating which will ultimately decide who will be the winner of “The Circle” Season 3, I’m so excited!

Michelle sends the remaining players a finale message and a little gift. It’s really the end of the season, I can’t believe it.

I love Kai. She said this is for the 100 Kai! 100 Kai!

Jacki message was wholesome. I really wish she had more time in “The Circle”, I think she should’ve been an original cast member instead of a replacement.

Kai caught onto Nick and James being the secret influencers. Soon as she seen Jacki, she knew James was one lol.

Kai is so nice, I don’t get how people can dislike her. So wholesome.

I like how the whole cast is ending this off on a positive note. This season was very messy in my opinion, possibly the messiest season of “The Circle” USA yet so it’s nice to see some positivity with this last episode.

At this point, game play wise I could see Kai or Nick winning this season. These are my picks based off what we’ve seen.

Ashley winning would be the worst case scenario.

Nick choosing Kai as his last position and Ashley putting Nick low is so funny. He’s still thinking Kai is his biggest competition when his own team is after him.

Time for everyone to meet!

James thinking Ashley is real but Kai thinking she’s a catfish lol.

Nick heart broke when he seen that Isabella aka Sophia was a catfish. You can tell he’s trying his best to act like he don’t care that she’s a catfish.

Still not too fond of a group of Caucasians forming The Band and leaving POC out in 2021.

Everyone is shocked by Isabella.

Kai lighting up the room like the Queen that she is.

Isabella confessing her respect for Kai’s game, I love to see it. I feel Sophia should’ve got to know Kai more before coming for her. She came from her right away.

Everyone was shocked that Ashley was a catfish. Watching the show, I feel like if I was in the game I would’ve caught on to Ashley.

I still don’t like that “Got to get rid of the King before we get rid of the Queen” line. That’s where I side eye Matthew as a person.

I love seeing the cast return especially Ruksana!!!!

Justice For Michelle lol. I would’ve loved seeing Michelle in the game longer.

Calvin said he’s saying what’s up with Kai after and now I have to search through their social media and see what happened lol.

Daniel and Ruksana friendship is so wholesome.

Nick not acknowledging Ruksana just shows his character.

This finale episode really solidified that I was rooting for the right people.

Sophia is so much better as herself than portraying Isabella. Sophia was very funny in the finale.

Calvin and Kai needs to get married and have kids, am I going too far? lol

James coming in late and still making it to the finale is huge as well so congratulations to James for that.

I didn’t think Ashley played the best game as they’re making it seem on TV. She seemed more like a safe bet that floated through the season.

Here’s the final results

5th place goes to Nick (He was too much of a threat and his side even seen it)

4th place goes to Kai (I am so upset. I felt either Kai or Nick deserved the win from a game standpoint)

3rd place goes to Isabella (Interesting)

2nd place goes to Ashley!

1st place goes to James and I am perfectly fine with that. James came in late and did what he had to do to claim that top spot.

The season ended well. Congratulations to James!!

Congratulations to the cast of this season of The Circle. Mess aside, I’ve enjoyed every little bit.

Sophia admitting she was obsessed with Kai. See I love Sophia better than her playing Isabella.

James story about his family and his girlfriend makes his win that much more important. Such an amazing ending.