Netflix “The Circle” Season 3 Stars We Want To See On MTV’s “The Challenge”

As the season is coming to an end, we’ve gathered our favorites that we hope will get picked to star in a season of MTV’s “The Challenge”.

Ed from Season 2 is on the current season of “The Challenge” so we hope more cast members get picked in the future!

1. Kai.

Kai would do so well in “The Challenge”. I’ve been watching the show so long to know that she would fit right in and would be a fan favorite on the show.

2. Ruksana

Ruksana joining the show would be such a legendary move for the show and I would love to see it. She would bring so much to the table and break all types of records.

3. Daniel

Daniel would bring all the drama! Every episode would be interesting if they were to let him join the cast.

4. Calvin

I want to see more from Calvin. He didn’t get the justice he deserved on this season and didn’t get to really show much of his skills so this would be like redeeming hisself.

5. James

James would bring nothing but laughs to The Challenge house and we need that these days.