The Circle Season 3 Review; Before The Finale; A Racist Season With Queens Winning

This season of “The Circle” was a very interesting watch.

My favorite players were 100% Kai and Ruksana. These women played the game truthfully, loyal and were so REAL while doing it!

Their personalities shined so bright and this is why everyone in the circle were so intimidated by the two.

Kai deserves to win this season. Ruksana deserved to make it to the finale.

Kai might be my favorite player ever to play this game.

I’ve enjoyed James entering The Circle. I was kind of confused to why he blocked Daniel but when Daniel was blocked he went to see Isabella and was spilling info instead of seeing Kai. That right there kind of let me know that James possibly made the best decision ever by getting rid of Daniel.

His loyalty seemed fake. James possibly caught it before we did. By the end, I’m sure James will be in my Top 3 with Kai and Ruksana.

I loved the person Daniel was up until his blocking, it’s like his true colors came out. Him not seeing Kai still doesn’t sit right with me.

Calvin could’ve went further in this game if he didn’t have such an obsession with being friends with Nick. The special gift should’ve went to Kai. Why would you give it to Nick?

Nick’s character was very cringe to watch. He’s someone I would’ve got rid of early in the game. He radiated conceited and not humble energy. I don’t know what made him act like that because….lol

The guy playing Ashley is one of the most horrible players I’ve seen play this game. He has an unhealthy obsession with Nick (he clearly likes Nick outside of the game). The guy who plays Ashley also gives me racist vibes because he main targets were Kai and Calvin. “We got rid of the King now we have to get rid of the Queen.” This guy is horrible.

Jackson was irrelevant, next.

Isabella/Sophia obsession with Nick made her game just look like one big “I hate Kai” chat. It makes her looks like such a bad person via screen and I would hope that she isn’t that type of person but I was getting racist vibes from her as well.

The new girl Jacki…I actually loved her. When she started talking about how she hates the high school bs, I genuinely enjoyed that scene. It kind of let me know that she was a genuinely nice person.

I enjoyed Michelle and think she deserved better. She actually knew Nick was trash before anyone.

Ava and Chanel weren’t as bad as social media makes them. They just were handed a bad hand.

Now let’s get into The Band group? Seemed very racist. They kind of purposely left out any POC. I wouldn’t mind not seeing any member of The Band on my TV ever again.

Ashley made Kai cry and I will not be able to forgive the guy who played Ashley, I’m so sorry. He just came off very unfriendly this whole season. There’s nothing positive that aligns with him, he seems like a fake.

So that’s my little review for this season. Now as we head to finale, I’m cheering for Kai and James.