The Circle Season 3 Trailer Is Here

It’s finally here!

Happy September.

The Circle premieres on September 8th and the first trailer for the season has arrived.

The Circle chat has been updated with the new season 3 trailer below, revealing the eight players who are about to enter the addictive reality competition with the hopes of winning the $100,000 prize. Once again hosted by Michelle Buteau, the first eight players to enter The Circle this season are Nick, Ruksana, Calvin, Michelle, Kai, Daniel, Matthew, and sister duo Ava and Chanel.

While some are actually playing the game as themselves, others are hiding behind fake photos and different sexualities, or enlisting their older sister to help them hack the game. And one player will find herself facing off against someone using her own photos/profile against her, while another gets to use an additional “burner” profile to deceive his fellow players. Things are getting cutthroat up in The Circle — insert sweaty face emoji and the knife emoji.

Watch here: