Megan Thee Stallion Label Is Stopping Her From Releasing BTS “Butter” Remix

Looks like Megan Thee Stallion got her a BTS collaboration aka an easy trip to #1!

One thing is in the way of this #1 and that is her label.

TMZ Reports that Meg claims her label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, and its honcho, former MLB star Carl Crawford, are doing everything they can to stop her from putting out a new song with BTS.

In the docs, MTS says she’s the featured artist on a remix to the K-pop group’s popular “Butter” track … saying it’s supposed to drop Friday, unless her label is able to block it.

Meg believes if released, “Butter” will help to expand her international fanbase, thanks to BTS’ massive brand. She claims 1501 told her they don’t believe the song would be good for her recording career — but she says that excuse is just a cover — and deep down the label is trying to shake her down for 6-figures and force her to pay them to sign off on the song’s release.

Do you guys want the remix?

Update: She won the case and will release.