Racism In The UK Puts Love Island’s Kaz and Tyler in 4th Place

When you think of the UK, you can’t help but think of a racist place.

I’ve been watching the UK version of Love Island since Season 1 and the way that the show and its fans treat the Black stars of the shows especially those of darker skin is horrible.

Season 7 Kaz has been a fan favorite on the show but still catches the most heat for her actions because she’s dark-skin while cast mate Faye gets to glide by screaming and shouting at everyone because she’s WHITE.

Kaz and Tyler should at least be in the Top 2 but you can’t do anything but blame the racist fans in the UK.

Kaz and Tyler are still our winners.

One thing the Black women of the USA version can count on is at least a huge supporting system rooting for them. The UK Love Island fans are horrible.