Love Island USA Season 3 Cast Turning Blind Eye To Racism & More

This season of Love Island USA was a mess and we can’t even fully blame production because this season cast was and still is a mess.

On top of production casting tons of Donald Trump supporters, their past is coming back to haunt them.

The winner of the show Olivia has been caught liking racist and ignorant TikTok videos about Black Lives Matter and Shannon has made a racist comment and instead of addressing it she turned a blind eye to it.

Isaiah addressed it and only made matters worse. He’s half Black but he didn’t carry the situation as if he was.

The cast supports these actions as majority of them has been seen liking certain post about these situations.

The Black cast members has not spoke out about anything yet and continues to hang with the cast members with the ignorant views.

It only makes you look at them differently as well.

Fan favorites like Cashay , Trina, Cinco has yet to speak out.

Bailey who’s views been shared on her page has yet to speak out about her coupling with Jeremy who supports Trump.

Racism happened to Javonny and he still didn’t even think to say anything. He turned a blind eye to the judgement he had on the show from Olivia. It didn’t make sense to me until it did. He stated that he do not care about political views. He was happy with Olivia, all over her during and even after the show. He probably supports Trump himself.

The Casa girls seem the most real so far.

I can’t wait for one of the cast members to spit facts because they all just seem to be faking it until they make it so far.

This is a cast I wouldn’t mind not seeing again on any other future show. It’s that bad.