Netflix Reality Games “Put A Ring On It” Part 1 Review

Netflix Reality Games brings 4 reality TV stars from The Circle, Love Is Blind and Too Hot To Handle.

For Team Circle, we have Sammie and Winner Joey from Season 1 as well as Courtney and Winner Deleesa from Season 2.

For Team Love Is Blind, we have Cameron, Amber, Lauren and Matt.

For Team Too Hot To Handle, we have Season 1 stars Francesca and Harry and Season 2 stars Melinda and Chase.

Now let’s kick off the episode!

The Circle is already stepping in with confidence! Love Is Blind got their strategy.

Too Hot To Handle shocks the other two teams.

Selling Sunset Chrishell is the host! We loved her speech about the cast of the shows.

The trash talking started. “Honey you won some money and we’re winning at life.” OUCHHHH.

This reminds me of Disney Channel Games, the whole color theme.

Teams are getting eliminated and only one will win.

I love how the games are basically nods to the popular netflix reality shows.

Team Circle up first. Deleesa is making moves! Team Circle is moving! Courtney is struggling a little bit but Deleesa picked it back up. Their time is 1:09!!!

Love Is Blind team started off so well. They’re moving pretty fast. Their time is faster than Circle. They have 0:52 seconds.

Let’s see if THTH can take Circle and Love Is Blind out.

They’re moving pretty fast. Chase is s a football player so he has the running on point! THTH just won the challenge with less than 50 seconds but the other teams are upset and think they possibly broke the rules.

And with this being only 10 minutes, part 1 is over. I enjoyed it. I think Netflix could definitely make a show out of this. This seems more like a trial run for now in hopes of it becoming bigger so everyone should watch it and demand a bigger show! We need bigger budget, a villa and more! I could see this becoming something huge.

Tune back in for Part 2 review!