What Happened Between “The Circle” Stars Terilisha and Deleesa?

When “The Circle” Season 2 aired Terilisha and Deleesa were 100% my favorites.

After the show the two would go over each other house and go live together all the time forming what to me seemed like the closest and most genuine friendship after the show.

Terilisha didn’t get along with the other cast members and judging based off their character on TV, I see why she didn’t lol.

Recently Terilisha and Leesa unfollowed each other on Instagram.

This makes me upset because they were my Top 2. What happened?

I just need to know why???

Update: DeLeesa liked this comment about Terilisha getting close to Trevor. Uhhhooohhhh….

Deleesa said their friendship wasn’t meant to be:

But Deleesa shared that it doesn’t have to do with her husband. I’m confused to why she liked the comment but let’s hope they can sort it out and if they can’t then it wasn’t meant to be.