Love Island USA Season 4 Needs Better Casting; A More Genuine Cast

This season of Love Island USA didn’t bring anything to the table at all.

Nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing memorable. It’s been one day since the finale and I’m already slowly forgetting the cast.

The casting directors seemed to cast a lot of people who live in the same area or close to each other which happened to be red states that caused a bunch of Trump supporters to appear on the season.

Cast members of this season has made racist insensitive comments as well as the winner of the season who has like racist and ignorant post on TikTok.

One thing that irritates me the most about this season is no one speaks out about these ignorant views. None of the cast members seems to care which makes me side eye the whole cast of this season.

What myself and tons of fans all over social media would like for Season 4 is better casting!

We need better casting directors. We need genuine people. We don’t need bullies who gang up on any newbie that steps into the villa.

Season 2 of Love Island USA was great. The aftermath wasn’t too great but at least the season was good.

I don’t know why every cast member had red flags this season. From the originals to the Casa Amor gang to the replacements.

Also can we get less production interfering with the show as well as more voting for the public? Watch the UK seasons again and learn because they have most things correct that the USA version don’t.

We want a better Season 4! The ratings for Season 3 were worst than Season 2 for a reason.