Love Island USA Season 3 Finale Sees Poor Ratings

Last night Love Island USA Season 3 finally came to an end.

In the beginning what looked to be like an amazing season turned for the worst and is being given the title of the worst Love Island season ever out of all franchises.

The ratings for this season haven’t been as great as Season 2 ratings and even the big night which was 2 hours underperformed.

The finale received 1.596M live views. I’m sure more views will be added to the bunch from Paramount Plus but the season underperformed on live TV.

The finale for Season 2 welcomed over 2M streams live.

This season was poorly done. The casting was poorly done. It was messy and all over the place. The connections weren’t real. Everyone there seemed to arrive for an opportunity and that’s it.

The winners were Korey and Olivia, this couple seemed like it was created solely by production. Everything about them seemed fake and rushed.

We’re so happy that it’s over and if the show receives a season 4, we hope the casting directors are fired so they can hire new ones who can do a better job than this.