Love Island USA Season 3 Season Finale Review

The final episode of the season starts off with the girls cooking the guys breakfast.

The group does their final challenge, race to the alter where they compete to win a night in the hideaway.

Olivia and Korey wins the hideaway date, boring.

The couples start getting to know each other…….it’s the last day not the first day. They’re asking each other questions they should already know by now. This final 4 is really bad.

The final 4 really seems like friends and that’s it.

Bailey gets emotional over her time in the villa.

Olivia keeps stating that she was broken but Korey is fixing her like she’s a project lol.

The bromance this season was more real than the relationships. Everyone said it wasn’t friendship island but that’s exactly what this season was.

Now it’s time for the final scenes.

It’s something about Alana and Charlie together that makes sense. They look nice together.

Can this get to the point? None of these couples really like each other.

Korey and Olivia is so staged. Especially on Olivia end. She doesn’t show the emotion Korey shows.

This episode is boring, this episode was dragged out for 2 hours when it could’ve been one hour.

Alana and Charlie is in 4th place and Charlie is so mad.

3rd place goes to Bailey and Jeremy, the votes are rigged.

Olivia and Korey is the winners and I hate this show and this season. So horrible rigged. Bye.