Love Island USA Star Cashay Unfollows Olivia After Questioning Online History

This season of Love Island USA was a mess. The final 4 is the worst final 4 I’ve seen in the history of Love Island.

Cashay befriended Olivia on the show where they became like best-friends but what Cashay didn’t know about was Olivia’s views.

A persons views says a lot about that person so for Olivia to follow Trump, Candace Owens and like conservative takes on TikTok dissing Juneteenth and Black Lives Matter, it’s safe to say that Olivia is simply not a good person.

On the show, you kind of seen it especially during her coupling with Javonny. She judged him a lot!!!!!

Now since Cashay has left the villa, Cashay unfollowed her on Instagram.

It’s no say as of why but the best reason would be for everything we’ve stated.

Cashay is a strong Black woman and the leader of Season 3! I would want her to stand up for the Black fans all over watching this season along with other Black islanders.

The men of this season just didn’t do that after they left the villa and it’s sucks that they’re acting this way.