Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 28 Review

The episode kicks off with the couples attempting to look like couples.

Korey is way more into Olivia than she’s into him. She just don’t come off as a genuine person at all.

Korey and Olivia are forcing it so much. This is the fakest season I’ve ever watch.

The dates aren’t really exciting or interesting and that’s because this season is horrible. The final 4 line up has no chemistry. Even Will and Kyra who’s been together since episode 1 have no chemistry.

We’re watching paint dry watching these last few episodes.

The girls pull a hilarious prank on Jeremy and Korey about their bromance. If I could vote them, I would.

Will ask Kyra to be his girlfriend. He’s working hard for this winning title.

I know I did not just hear Korey call Olivia a good actor! Lol.

Alana is beautiful. Charlie and Alana date is cute.

Bailey and Jeremy date was……yeah I’m still voting for them just so the season can go out with a bang.

All of the couples lying about their feelings just to try to win this season is funny.