Trina and Andre Should Win Love Island USA Season 3

We know for a fact that this season was a mess and everybody seem to been playing a game so with the final couples standing, I personally wouldn’t mind Trina and Andre winning the money.

I say this because I want Trina to win. I feel like her Love Island journey displayed the most actual action to find love. She cried a lot and gave this season all of her.

Even though there are rumors about Andre being married which I will always think he is, the show has turned into a game. If he’s a game player, he’s good at it. I wouldn’t mind the two taking the money.

Also Trina and Andre reminds me of the show “Victorious”

Something about Korey and Olivia doesn’t sit right with me. Bailey and Jeremy? No. Kyra and Will? Oh No.

Charlie and Alana are actually cute together and it’s just the way that the couple was formed which brings them so much hate. I wouldn’t mind seeing them win either and I really like Alana.

Trina and Andre and Alana and Charlie are my Top 2 to end the season. It’s very possible that Trump supporter Olivia will take the win with Korey though.