Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 27 Review

Episode starts off with more Kyra and Will……

Will is victimizing hisself. He’s trying to play the victim instead of come clean with his real actions and intentions. He has Kyra wrapped around his finger because she’s very gullible.

Will gets offended when Trina speaks to him about his situation with Kyra. Will is a poor excuse of a man and don’t need to be in a relationship and you can clearly see that.

The crew plays a game to get to know each other more and nothing special really happened, nothing exciting.

It’s time for a couple to get dumped.

The decision is up to the islanders like it always is.

Trina was sent hone and I’m so upset. This was one of the worst seasons and cast in Love Island history.

I’m voting Jeremy and Bailey to win out of spite.