Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 26 Review

The episode starts off with more boring Kyra and Will situation.

10 minutes into the episode and I’m waiting for something interesting to happen.

Time for parents day!

Trina reaction to hearing her mom was amazing.

Andre is hiding something, I still feel like he’s married.

I love Alana. She’s so genuine. Charlie parents is embarrassing him but I love this whole conversation and set up. I wouldn’t mind Charlie and Alana winning the show at this point.

Jeremy does not like Bailey at least in that type of way. He’s also been with every girl in the villa and it went no where.

Olivia don’t like Korey. She’s crying because she’s faking it. She did Javonny so dirty. I think that situation possibly messes with him mentally and makes him think that he wasn’t enough when he gave his all in that coupling.

Kyra’s family do not approve of Will and they’re making aware of that.

Another boring episode of the season.

This season went from great to cancel it.

Good thing we’re close to the finale, I don’t care who wins at this point.