Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 25 Review

The episode kicks off with the tweet challenge. We’ve been waiting for this one.

People are embracing Alana’s body and she’s here for it.

The public dissed Trina calling her a leftover.

The public is at Will and Kyra’s neck.

I’m glad the tweet about Korey and Olivia was brought up. Olivia been faking it since the show started.

Public called Charlie brought and dry. I see it.

Will and Kyra isn’t catching a break. The public is calling them out!

Alana speaks about how important it was for her to hear that because it’s giving curvy girls around the world hope. We loved that tweet.

Olivia is playing a game still. There’s nothing you can tell me

Bailey is crying because one person said she wasn’t genuine. Production is evil for reading the tweet about Bailey because I don’t even think that’s a popular opinion.

This episode is kind of boring.

It’s stuck on the islanders feeling hurt by the tweet challenge.

Charlie already knew America wasn’t going to like him.

The cast is so butt-hurt, they’ve been talking about the challenge the whole episode.

Korey is gullible. He think since Olivia didn’t pick any Casa guys that she’s being real. No she’s playing a game.

Trina and Olivia isn’t for Will and Kyra. They don’t want them two together. It seems like the whole worlds sees what’s going on between the two but Kyra. She’s also very gullible.

Kyra is so caught up on not labeling anything that she don’t know where she is with Will.

Boring episode overall. Olivia Rodrigo got a huge check from Love Island this season.