White Woman Savior And Love Island USA Star Isaiah Supports Trump Supporter Shannon After Police Brutality Comment

This season of Love Island USA has the worst cast of the series I’ve ever seen. Most of them are problematic.

Shannon has already been revealed as a loyal Trump supporter with photos of her online of her wearing Trump shirts, also her mom on Facebook stating that Biden lost the election.

During one of the episodes of this season, Shannon stated “Hands up don’t shoot” to Isaiah during a challenge and this is very wrong to state especially to someone who is part Black.

Isaiah first move in the villa was sharing how he’s mixed with a lot of things which now has me wondering that he didn’t want to be labeled as Black.

Anyway, we didn’t expect an ally out of him and to stand up for Black people.

Isaiah shared on Instagram:

I unfollowed Isaiah on Instagram way before this post was made because I read the cast members very well. Almost positive he went for Cashay because she was a popular vote. His Instagram is full of Caucasians, he do not have Black friends.