Reasons Season 3 Of Love Island USA Is The Worst One

If you’ve been watching the season from the beginning, you would know that the season started off great. It had all the potential in the world until it just didn’t.

We were introduced to fun amazing characters like Cashay, Javonny, Aimee, Trina and Cinco but even most of the interesting cast members fell short this season.

I think production played a major part in why this season is so poorly done.

The cast members who aren’t as likable by the public (Olivia, Jeremy) are the ones who are continuously getting saved and getting screen time. The entertainment goes home every week just to make room for the boring cast members. The viewers aren’t getting any real say, it’s all on the islanders at this point.

Another reason I think the season is going poorly is that everyone gives off opportunist vibes. None of the connections are real. Korey and Olivia connection is clearly fake, there’s no chemistry there. Will and Kyra had rumors surounding their coupling since the beginning. Production portrayed Trina poorly and I feel like she was robbed of a decent experience because of the mistake she made in the beginning.

Did I mention that there’s a married man on the show? Andre?

This season production sent home not one but two islanders. Leslie and (Ballo) who took photos but was booted before it was time to film. Forgettable islanders Slade also left very quickly.

The Casa Amor segment meant nothing really. Nothing came out of that. The only memorable Casa Amor people are Genevieve, Leslie, Charlie and Flo. The UK version did a segment this year where they showed what went down to the girls. USA needs to take notes because I think the girls needed to see what went down in Casa specifically Kyra.

Josh sister passing away was sad but what irritated me about that scene is that they didn’t have to show that moment on TV.

Another moment of this season I disliked was the ignorant comments from Shannon towards Isaiah about “Hands up don’t shoot”. Both Shannon and Isaiah don’t see the wrong in that. Production made a huge mistake casting majority of this cast. Isaiah is very forgettable.

If Olivia and Korey are real. Florita made a huge mistake picking Jeremy.

Production casted a lot of Trump supporters this season as well.

You have Olivia, Christian, Shannon and possibly Javonny. I’m sure there’s more.

Overall this was a bad season. The couples left standing might as well just go home. This season was a waste of time and money.

I do like the fact that Cashay and Cinco are giving it another go on the outside. Maybe it’s better that way.

I wish the newbies were originals, they don’t seem bad.

I really liked Aimee, Alana, Elly, Wes and K-Ci. I don’t have anything bad to say about them.

The ratings for this season were also a train-wreck.

Season 2 is still superior and CBS will just have to try again with Season 4 and fire the casting department and hire a new one.

If you applied for this season and didn’t get picked, give yourself a hand clap because you dodged a bullet. Tey season 4.

Update: Korey and Olivia won the season. My point stands.