Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 24 Review

This episode resumes after the dumping of Cashay.

Trina and Olivia is angry at Charlie for sending Cashay home.

Alana and Charlie have a conversation about Cashay and I fully understand where he’s coming from. Charlie and Cashay wasn’t meant to be at all.

Trina is a little taken back by Andre choosing to couple up with her.

Jeremy and Bailey = boring but every relationship Jeremy is in, he’s boring.

Onto K-Ci and Elly. K-Ci is feeling uncomfortable in the villa and needs more time to open up to Elly. These are the newbies in the villa and i hope they work out.

Olivia and Korey relationship is so fake.

The villa is very quiet and boring.

Olivia tells Alana that she’s not a fan of Charlie period and I just want to talk to her and let her know how much I’m not a fan of her lol.

During the game the cast played, the top game players of the season Will and Kyra were messing K-Ci and Elly up.

Trina is falling for Andre because their communication during the game was there but…..Andre was on a game show last year. He’s known for excelling in these things.

This season went from great to horrible.

Elly is not feeling K-Ci. I think they came into the villa too late.

K-Ci is the first USA islander I heard say “can I pull you for a chat” this season.

During their chat Elly got straight to the point and friend zoned K-Ci. I don’t think she’s giving him a chance as much as he’s not doing enough. It’s both of their fault.

Bailey isn’t feeling Jeremy. I think they should end this season early. Everyone is a mess.

Charlie stated that he’s missing Cashay. He think that he made the wrong decision. I think it’s time for Charlie to go home because now he’s going to play Alana.

In other news, I think Charlie and Trina both have great chemistry. Their talk seemed pure and honest.

I really like Alana. She’s very real.

Olivia is so fake.

Alana is mad that Charlie isn’t being honest with her. Charlie is 30 years old, the way that he’s moving in this villa as a grown man just isn’t right.

Andre thinks that Trina is dope. Enjoying their friendship.

Elly falling out the shower was funny.

This episode is 2 hours, I’m upset, I thought it was over.

Trina and K-Ci are the highlight of this episode.

Elly and Charlie Cat Thing is hilarious.

Will and Kyra had a great date. Will didn’t ask Kyra to be his girlfriend…..

Charlie personality is standing out more. He wasn’t acting like this when Cashay was wrong. I feel he was very intimidated by Cashay.

Time for a couple to bounce.

Jeremy was saved again? this is crazy.

Elly and K-Ci were dumped. Not surprised.

This is by far the worst season of Love Island I’ve watched.