“Grown-Ish” Season 4 Episode 5 Review; “A Boy Is A Gun”

The first episode of a two-week event, Grown-ish Season 4 Episode 5, “A Boy Is a Gun,” is cold hard look at the current state of affairs regarding racial injustice in our country.

With a friend group full of diversity, it presents the perfect opportunity for real conversations that reflects today.


This was one of the most interesting episodes of the show that I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching the show since season one.

Doug is having trouble seeing the importance in speaking up for Black people and not because he’s not for Black people but because he don’t think his voice could change anything. His character in this episode is very relatable to a lot of Black people in America who feel they can’t do anything to stop the world from being the way that it is.

Aaron and newbie Kiela were the ones to really stand against Aaron’s opinion in this episode. Kiela called Doug a bad black person which led to Jazz defending Aaron and calling out Zoey for lack of real life support of the movements.

Something that stood out to me was Doug finally coming to terms that he should use his voice. His voice is needed.

Kiela starts to doubt herself after the conversation and her and Doug ends up kissing (future problem for Jazz?)

The episode ends with Doug finally admitting to Aaron that he’s ready to stand up for the people.

I can’t want for the next episode because I love how it shined light on such an important topic in the Black community.

I also loved the in memory of credits at the end of the episode. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to see where the cast take this story next episode!!