Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 23 Review

The episode starts off with a game of truth or dare.

Bailey and Jeremy had a steamy kiss.

Andre and Will are starting to become best buds in the house. They’re both from a different country and they’re both trash man, best friends for sure.

It’s funny how Andre is married and get to stay in the villa but Ballo and Leslie were kicked off the show…

Olivia being the new star of the show is why this show is getting so bad.

Cashay still wants Charlie, I’m so confused.

Who do Andre think he is? Coming into the villa interrogating people.

Andre may be a Trumpie. Andre says he’s not married and that he’s divorced and he’s definitely lying. There’s papers that shows that he’s still in fact married. I think him and his wife is scamming to win. I think Love Island USA Production team might be in on it as well.

Olivia don’t even know what she’s getting herself into or do she? I think she’s made it this far because of production.

Olivia hates Javonny so much. She does nothing to bad mouth him. He looks even crazier because he does nothing but praise and stand up for her.

Cashay and Charlie are still trying to try their relationship but it’s not worth it. They’re not a match.

Alana wants Charlie and I can honestly see them together better than I can see Charlie and Cashay. Charlie is not her type. Cashay is not his type.

This is a very short review because the episode was boring and the season is declining so bad.

K-Ci couples up with Elly. Korey couples up with Olivia. Jeremy picks Bailey. Andre saves Trina. Thanks for saving Trina but you’re married so don’t touch her, go back up mess Olivia life up some more lol.

Charlie chooses to couple up with Alana. Cashay will be leaving the show. I seen this coming.

Charlie crying because he know Cashay is a good person.

Cashay wants Cinco.

Voting is open and I don’t know who to vote.