Love Island USA Star Alana Should’ve Been An Original

After watching last nights episode of “Love Island USA”, I think that Alana should’ve been an original member of the Season 3 cast!!!

Alana personality shines in the villa and she’s beautiful.

What stood out to me the most is her chat with Cashay. Charlie wanted to get to know Alana and spoke to Alana before cutting ties with Cashay and Cashay was upset at that and even kind of upset with Alana.

Cash and Alana sat down for a talk she Alana said “I hope you’re not mad at me. I thought women were passed the whole blaming the woman for what a man does thing”.

That right there just made me wish she was an OG. Her experience could’ve been 100x better than coming in so late.

One of my new favorites in the Villa for sure.