Is Javonny From Love Island USA A Trump Supporter?

Javonny was definitely one of my favorite islanders but ever since he’s been dumped and started doing many lives, he’s starting to give me the vibe that he’s a Trump supporter.

On a live with Aimee and Wes, a comment asked him about Olivia being a Trump supporter and he said he don’t care about that. He also went into what Trump did for businesses money wise.

On today’s live with Aimee, fans brought the political conversation up again and he said the same thing but this time he looked even more like a Trump supporter in my eyes.

Aimee said “F*** No” to supporting Trump.

Javonny is also very friendly with Christian, another Trump supporter in the cast. He’s also rooting for Shannon and Josh to win. Shannon is a known Trump supporter with photos all over the Internet.

Is Javonny a Trump supporter but avoiding saying it because he don’t want to get the backlash Olivia, Shannon and Christian get?