Popp Hunna’s Management Speaks Out After Rapper Contemplated Suicide

Popp Hunna is known for the 2020 TikTok hit “Corvette” and be even ended up getting Lil Uzi Vert on the remix.

His management team has released a statement regarding a concerning video the Philadelphia rapper made on his Instagram Live this week in which he appeared to be contemplating harming himself.

At one point in Hunna’s Instagram Live, a bottle can be seen. He can then be heard saying, “My dad was like, ‘I wish you weren’t even alive.’” He then leaves the bathroom before coming back into view of the camera with a belt tied around his neck.

On Monday (Aug. 2), Popp’s management issued a statement on the 20-year-old artist’s Instagram account, which reads:

“In regards to yesterday’s live we are asking for prayers and positivity right now for Pop Hunna. If you have someone you love and care for who is dealing with suicidal thoughts don’t overlook it get them help immediately!!! MGMT.”

We truly hope he’s okay