Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 21 Review

The episode kicks off with Olivia panicking, the money slipping away from her.

Trump supporter Shannon gets a text, her and Josh gets their first date.

Charlie is no where to be found. He’s probably sleep.

The Trump supporter Shannon and Josh goes on an adventurous date. This date looks like something they would have the cast of “The Challenge” doing.

Josh asked Shannon to be his girlfriend and now it’s official between them. I don’t really care for Josh and Shannon anymore at all. I started to think maybe Shannon was all in Will’s face because she wants to break their couple even more so her and Josh could win the show. That sounds very Trump supporter-ish.

The group celebrates Kyra’s Birthday!🎉 then Shannon and Josh came in and made the celebration all about them.

I don’t feel Shannon is genuine. He likes her more.

Charlie is feeling Alana. I actually tweeted about this happening.

Korey lying about being attracted to Olivia is hilarious. I’ve never seen these people talk to each other and now you two were missing each other at Casa Amor?

Korey tells Bailey that she is 100% his type. Olivia keeps walking back and forth pass Korey conversation with Bailey looking like a stalker.

The announcer called Charlie boring and that’s hilarious. He then proceeds to pull Alana.

The petty drama in this villa is annoying.

Cashay you do not own Charlie. The way Cashay has been moving in this villa, this honestly looks like Karma for her. Charlie admits that he don’t want to move forward with Cash.

Cashay should not be crying this hard over Charlie. You guys do not know each other that much. Cash and Cinco had more of a thing than Cash and Charlie. I believe these tears are for sending Cinco home and not for Charlie.

Cashay is being so extra.

Olivia needs to just be quiet. She can’t even get her own situationships together.

Jeremy trying his best to push Korey away from Bailey so he can get her.

Alana let’s Cashay know that girls don’t blame girls for guys mistakes. I love her. Cashay was blaming Alana and not wanting Alana to talk to Charlie now since they’re having the talk, she’s being fake.

Charlie leaving Cashay was a great move actually. She’s still in love with Cinco.

Charlie and Cashay finally squash the beef easily. It was so easy that I feel like the crying from the night before should’ve never happened. I also think those tears definitely wasn’t for Charlie and Charlie knew that.

Time for the Fashion Nova Party!

Welcome K-Ci and Andre (THE MARRIED MAN)!

Tomorrow get ready for more of them. I’m still not over Andre being cast and he has a kid and he’s married.