Love Island USA Charlie Is There For Publicity Not For Cashay

When Casa Amor boys were announced, I went looking through each guys Instagram account and the most suspicious accounts were Ballo (Dumped before entering) and Charlie!

Charlie account looked very suspicious to me because he also was an influencer and you have to watch out for the influencers on this show.

He has one particular weird video on his Instagram that honestly tells me that he would do anything for fame.

Also I read a comment from a friend laughing about him actually going through with it. I kind of read behind that message. I think it meant that Charlie was considering going on the show as a joke but actually went through with it because promo!!!

Cashay and Charlie are no match. His personality is way too dry for hers. I don’t see how they’re even coupled up now. I think he showed a different personality (acting) to get in the villa.

Cashay was his ticket into the villa and now he’s ready to play his game. As soon as Cinco left, Charlie’s feelings changed. He wanted her until he got her. He was playing along with the storyline not expecting her to actually choose him.

I’m sure Charlie wanted in and out. He was in and was trying to find a way out but now he felt stuck. As a 30 year old man, he’s not very good at relationships or is this all a act?

I think he’s acting like this because it all is an act to him.

The way Cashay cries in the preview just seems weird because I don’t believe she ever cried that way over Cinco. Charlie is really showing her a new side of him.

What do you guys think?!!!