Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 20 Review

The episode starts off with scenes already seen on Paramount Plus exclusive episode.

Kyra is still irritating in this opening scene of the episode. She gets so worked up about the smallest things but quiet when the main thing went down.

Bailey and Korey hits it off. Will is not interested. Alana and Jeremy kind of hits it off. Korey and Elly hits it off. Elly and Charlie hits it off. Cashay and Olivia is kind of scared.

Bailey will be another triangle between Korey and Jeremy.

Will is kind of scared to talk to Shannon because of the argument they had and Trina let’s Will know that they’re just trying to protect Kyra. Will is lying. He’s scared to admit what he did in Casa Amor. He’s crying because he’s emotional but he’s still not being 100% truthful.

Kyra finally tells Shannon about herself for the argument with Will and it ended in the two just not wanting to speak on it and honestly both Will and Shannon should’ve handled that conversation better but Will is still not in the right here at all.

We the viewers seen exactly what happened on TV and you know they don’t show the whole thing on TV so I’m sure more probably happened during Casa Amor. Shannon is upset that Will is acting as if nothing happened and Kyra is being king of dumb in love by letting him slide. Their relationship hasn’t been long? Or has it?

Cashay and Charlie are already hitting that rocky spot. They’re not compatible. He played the Casa Amor game to get inside of the Villa.

Jeremy is trying to convince Korey to stay with Olivia because he wants Bailey but Korey wants Bailey too.

Alana and Charlie getting together is something I kind off seen coming.

Olivia is a hypocrite. She wants everything that she didn’t do to Javonny. She wants Korey to be all up on her. When Javonny was doing it, she didn’t appreciate it. Send her home.

Karma is happening to Olivia. She ruined Javonny’s whole Love Island experience.

Jeremy has no personality. I don’t understand why the girls are gravitating to him.

Olivia is lying. She could’ve even tell Korey more into depth how she felt about him.

Charlie is boring.

Shannon is tired of Olivia. She walked away from that conversation so smoothly.

The new girls are even forgetting who Olivia is.

Cashay and Charlie has a tough talk and they don’t see eye to eye. Their relationship is definitely off and I don’t see it moving forward. Charlie is 30. He’s not acting as if he’s older.

Tomorrow Charlie and Cashay get heated tomorrow! I seen this coming.