FBOY Island Season 1 Episode 2 Review

And we’re back with the review on episode 2!

This episode starts off a little scripted. I don’t know lol. Peter is stuck on FBOY ISLAND literally.

Collin is mad that he’s being labeled an FBOY. Charlie also feels the same way. They want to stop being judged by the way that they look.

The boys are scared of CJ. They think she’s cold blooded as they should because she is the one that’s spying all of the bs going around the house.

Doge ball competition time. The cast looked like they had fun.

Sarah team won and she chooses Jared for the date.

CJ picks Shaun for the date.

Nakia picked Gregg for the date.

Everyone who knew they would be picked kind of said it before they got picked.

Why Jared has this scarf on? Lol.

I see the chemistry between Gregg and Nakia but once he mentioned that he’s a club promoter, red flags for Nakia.

Jared, I don’t know about that one.

Shaun let’s CJ know that he was married for a few years.

CJ mentions that she has 2 gay dads.

The club promoter vibes in here are hilarious. The Nakia meme is priceless.

Divij is disrespecting CJ and Mark is not having it. You have to learn how to be smart in this house because someone will snitch and you will be out the door.

Casey and CJ gets in bed together and starts kissing. They’re cute together.

It’s exclusive dates day

Nakia picks Jared. CJ picks Mark for the date. Sarah picks Josh.

CJ gets some drama out of the guys and Chris is spreading rumors about Casey. Chris started the drama about Collin as well. Send Chris home, he’s there to clearly be jealous of other guys. He’s not getting to know any of the women there.

Mark and CJ date was awkward. His jokes were dry and he was too talkative for CJ. He gave CJ friend vibes. Friend-zoned.

Josh and Sarah with the collective “mhm”. I can see these two being together. Sarah finds Josh date one of her best dates.

Nakia and Jared jet ski date looks fun. I actually want to do that one day.

Jared tells Nakia that he was adopted and Nakia starts to feel connected to him because she didn’t know her dad.

Nakia judges off looks.

Collin feel Jared is his friend while Jared just said he doesn’t give a f***!!!!!

If I was Peter, I would tell them to send me home. He’s struggling in that box by himself.

Gregg is a #1 FBOY. He’s playing the game.

Casey is all CJ. Chris wants CJ. Casey called Chris out and Chris is scared and not owning up to what he said.

CJ is so funny. I love her.

Chris is the girl best friend in the mans villa. He’s giving CJ all the (tea).

Josh and Sarah shares a kiss and I was waiting for that and so was Sarah.

3 guys will be going in!

I kind of hate that Chris and CJ are teaming up. I don’t like this.

Eliminations time.

Sarah picks – Anthony and Charlie

CJ picks – Davij and Chris

Nakia picks – Tariq and Israel

I’m still so mad that Chris and CJ are teaming up.

Sarah dumps Charlie, CJ dumps Davij and Nakia dumps Israel.

Davij was a FBOY!

Isarael was a FBOY!

Charlie was a FBOY and lied about being a Nice Guy. Nikki called him out and announced his whole life story. Get out Charlie. 3 FBOYS gone!

Charlie is fighting demons.

Peter got company. Divij and Israel is there but where’s Charley? Did he leave the show? Get kicked off? Not sure.