RCA Records Is Sabotaging Normani

When you think of stars like Normani, you think of a next generation main superstar.

She has the talent and everything else that you need to bring to the table but what she doesn’t have is a great label.

Normani is currently signed to RCA Records who has done nothing but sabotage her new single “Wild Side”. During it’s first week, the sound received very little promotion and had collab mate Cardi B and her fans putting in extra work to secure the song a Top 20 debut. The song debuted at #14 and is expected to drop many spots second week in hopes that it rebounds in week 3.

The thing with “Wild Side” is that, it’s a hit. The public knows it and the label knows it.

The song is doing great on Apple Music stabilizing in the Top 20 and even has a TikTok challenge going.

It’s Joe the 3rd week for the song and on August 2nd, the sound randomly disappeared from TikTok as well as the song disappearing from the charts on Apple Music. The song is losing streams. It’s losing streams on its biggest platforms. This can’t be a coincidence.

I’ve never seen anything like this happen to an artist especially during a comeback. RCA Records is fully to blame for what’s happening and I hope Normani signed a short contract with them so she can move on as soon as she can.