Love Island USA Season 3 Monday Night Exclusive Episode Review

The episode starts with the arrival of Alana, Elly and Bailey!

The guys get ready to go on their dates.

Korey says that Olivia is so dope that the girls would have to blow his mind for his mind to change, lol.

The OG girls and Josh are in the balcony stalking.

Kyra is getting jealous and jealous but she didn’t care about Will and Flo, I don’t get it.

Will says that his head won’t turn because he’s already had his test and got away with it.

Cashay said she has do give Charlie a BLOWYY, I am dead. She’s willing to do what she has to do to keep her couple together. She already put enough on the line and got rid of Cinco.

Korey and Elly? I don’t see a spark but I didn’t see a spark with anyone Korey talked to besides Florita. He got one more date left so let’s see..

Charlie is hitting it off with Elly, I’m actually kind of shocked. Cashay os nervous and she should be because Charlie is all in on this date. He’s still all in on Cashay too but he’s interested in Elly too.

Bailey is hitting it off with Korey actually. They’ve been making tons of conversation.

I don’t see Alana making any sparks yet. Maybe Jeremy? I don’t know because I seen Jeremy and Bailey hitting it off too.

Jeremy and Korey both are feeling Bailey. Triangle! Again……!

Wait 6 dates in 15 minutes? Wow.

The OG cast comes done and meets the new girls! Let’s hope the OG’s are nice and not be cliquey.

Elly don’t believe in Olivia and Korey and I agree with Elly. She’s probably my new fave. I like all 3 of the new girls. I wish they were originals!

Korey and Olivia aren’t even sleeping in the same bed. They have the chance. If you’re so coupled up, sleep together. I don’t buy their relationship one bit!

Olivia is annoying.

Bailey let’s Korey know that she’s more into Korey. Elly wants to couple up with Korey. Korey wants to kiss Bailey! This game is great. I love the Paramount episodes.

Jeremy likes eating the booty like groceries.

Bailey asked Korey about Olivia! Yes Bailey, call him out because that relationship is faker than ever.

Korey on likes Olivia because she fake likes him. Alana is interested in everyone.

Jeremy wants to talk to Elly but Elly says that Jeremy reminds her of her stepdad.

Jeremy and Korey both have the same type. Josh let’s Bailey know that she’s free to get free to know all the guys and they won’t trip. Also Josh is so scared to talk to other women. He’s already on Shannon’s leash!

Where is the Twitter game? Did production trash the game and started their own game of switch the islanders words up and mess with the shows votes?

The new girls are bringing the fun out of the islanders because I was bored before they came into the villa.

Shannon is mad that Charlie sucks at Volley Ball. She’s irritating me too, it’s not as serious as she’s making it. Olivia sits out, she’s boring. Please send her home, not sure how she has made it this far.

Korey gets too many chances as well, he literally was almost the first one eliminated and now he’s still standing.

Olivia is freaking out about Korey talking to the other girls. Olivia is getting a little scared, she might lose her money.

Tomorrow night we see more of Bailey and Korey. Olivia acting is now good. She do not want Korey.