Love Island USA Genevieve On Trump, Shannon, Josh & Charlie Being Fake, Production and Wanting Javonny

Genevieve just answered tons of questions about her experience on Love Island via INSTAGRAM.

She talks friendship with Shannon and her not having the same political views as Shannon.

She talks Josh being fake and Charlie also being fake.

She speaks about how she is mixed with Black plus spills on productions playing a part in the show for DRAMA.

Genevieve also wanted Javonny.

There’s more like her love for Olivia which we’ve decided to skip over because Genevieve loves Trump supporters and I don’t know why lol.

Genevieve dropping all the info! Another take away from these stories is that she said she knew she was going home because the OGs were very cliquey. This is something we’ve seen on the show as well.

More OG girls should’ve went home by now starting with Olivia.