Proof: Love Island USA Season 3 Christian, Shannon and Olivia Are Trump Supporters

This season of Love Island USA is filled with cast who supports Donald Trump.

Shannon’s sister basically confirmed that she’s a Trump supporter. Genevieve friend who’s running her Instagram also shared that Shannon and her family supports Trump.

Olivia and Christian were two who were already outed as Trump supporters when the show started airing. Christian was seen wearing a “MAGA” hat and Olivia follows Trump and all of his crew members including the disgusting Candace Owens.

I even side eye Javonny now because he said he don’t care about Olivia’s support of Trump. Makes me wonder.

Update: Javonny might 100% be a Trump supporter as well.

The fact that so many Trump supporters were cast is sad honestly. I’m really disappointed in Shannon. She’s even made a racist comment on the show.

Who’s doing the casting for this season? Please do better and get the Trumpies out.