Love Island USA Season 3 Should Air A Reunion Episode Hosted By Cely and Justine

This season of Love Island USA has to be one of the most drama filled seasons and seasons with a lot of questions that goes unnoticed for fans.

Love Island USA has yet to have a reunion special but I feel like season 3 would be the perfect season to start.

There’s been reunion specials for the UK version.

It would be amazing if Season 2 stars Cely and Justine could host.

When it comes to Season 3, the drama between the islanders has been all over the place. I even think production is in on the drama and they probably wouldn’t even think about having one because they know the truth would possibly come out.

So much is going on and I would love to hear everyone’s side of the story while in the room together from the OG’s to the Replacements to the Casa Amor squad.

What do you guys think?!!!