FBOY Island Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Now the plot of this show is simply hilarious.

Nakia, CJ and Sarah are in for the time of their lives as they don’t know who are the good guys and who are the Fboys. 24 guys, what’s going to happen next?

The episode started with Chris automatically talking smack.

Garret has no problem being an FBOY.

The host Nikki is hilarious.

Gregg is a TikToker? Yeah he’s an FBOY.

Nakia (stylist) is beautiful. Sarah (social media influencer) is pretty so is CJ (Content Creator).

CJ already has her eyes on Jamie.

This is going to be a ride because it’s up to the girls to figure out who’s the FBOY’s.


CJ picks to give more time to Jamie of course, Peter and Casey.

Sarah picked Ryan, Collin and Anthony.

Nakia picked Israel, Greg and Collin.

Collin got two wristbands! The guys are already jealous that they will be invited to the VIP section.

The women and the men will not be staying in the same house, I like this set up.

Mark wants CJ but I don’t think he’s her type, he’s seems like the serious type.

Peter is hilarious so far.

Sarah looks like Jenna from Real World Season 31.

The guys are loving CJ. Garrett is a serious FBOY and he’s playing the game. Sarah is interested in him and think he’s a nice guy, LOL.

CJ yes you’re a little crazy and toxic, sorry.

Cameron wants to fight Collin because he took Nakia from him during their conversation. Nakia is liking It though because Collin is applying pressure.

Peter told CJ he was raised by a single mother and she said that was hot? what? Peter is giving FBOY energy. He’s not playing this game right.

So we have a Garratt and a Garrett, yeah it’s going to be hard learning who these people are. Nakia think Garratt is acting weird.

Casey and CJ starts talking and he shows her his CJ tattoo because his name is Casey Joseph. Good game. Smart game. He even mentioned strategy so he must be a FBOY.

Sarah starts liking Paul because he’s a free spirit but doesn’t like him in that way.

The guys are jealous of Collin. Especially Chris. He’s the main star of this first episode. There’s a rumor going around that he’s the FBOY and I think it’s because of jealousy that the girls actually like him.

Nakia picks Collin for a date. CJ picks Casey for the date. Sarah picks FBOY Garrett. She’s already getting wrapped in. Diviji already spots that Garrett is an FBOY.

Garrett is confident and his game is actually going smoothly. Sarah has no idea, she’s actually falling in love right away. Garrett is really playing this game so well. He’s really sharing his all and he’s not even being genuine.

Between Garrett and Collin, they’re owning this episode.

CJ might be a FGIRL. I can’t tell if Casey is a good guy or an FBOY. They’re already kissing too.

Now onto Collin and Nakia date

*Side Note: Collin voice doesn’t match his body lol.

Nakia is loving Collin. I don’t know about Collin, he gives me funny vibes but he’s entertaining. Nakia told him that one of the guys said he was an FBOY. He’s heated and he should be. A kiss was turned down because of the rumor so I know he’s going to set the house on fire about that one.

Collin gets back to the house and he confronts that wrong person. He should be in Chris face. Garratt catches a stray lol.

Time for the first elimination!

3 men will be leaving.

Sarah puts Andrew and Paul on the line.

CJ puts Jamie and Peter on the line.

Nakia puts Garratt and Collin on the line.

Garratt wrote Nakia a poem and I am dead. How can you write a poem for someone you don’t even know? Get him out of here. The other Garrett in the back facial expressions were hilarious.

Sarah let’s go Andrew and keeps Paul.

CJ let’s go Peter and keeps Jamie.

Nakia let’s go Garratt and keeps Collin.

Now for the reveal:

Andrew was a Nice Guy.

Garratt was a Nice Guy.

Peter was a FBOY, I knew it! CJ is smart.

“Peter FBOY, FBYE.”

The fact that the FBoys has to walk to a bus while the Nice Guys get a limo is hilarious.

I’m not sure what that ending was though, I need to hurry and watch episode 2.

This is an interesting show and I will definitely do more reviews on the season.