Is Love Island USA Production Pushing Olivia and Korey To Win The Show?

Reality TV dating shows are so weird that you just sometimes have to spot out when production is messing with the show.

Love Island USA production team seems to be messing with this show a lot this season.

Let’s talk about Olivia and Korey’s random coupling.

Olivia was surprisingly saved by the boys when she’s made no connection with anyone in the villa and hasn’t even tried her hardest to do so. Javonny was sent home even though he actually tried.

This is where I think Olivia is a favorite and not by America but by Love Island USA Production, same with Jeremy.

Olivia and Kam clicked but she didn’t bring him back from Casa Amor, Why? I truly believe production told her not to and to just couple up with Korey. I also think production told Korey to pick Leslie instead of Isabel for drama purposes. Leslie was clearly into Cinco more so bringing Leslie in the Villa would stir drama between Cinco, Cashay, Trina and Charlie.

Korey was not that interested in Leslie anymore relationships wise when they came back to the villa and you could see that.

Olivia was told to pursue Korey and I feel that she knew it was a smart move because Korey is a fan favorite by America. That’s a closer chance at her winning the money and being safe than her bringing in a Casa Amor guy.

Also on the Love Island USA app, the polls never show a “no” answer. Every poll for these two shows “yes” options. This is another indication that production is behind Korey and Olivia and are pushing these two.

Korey is a very gullible guy. He probably really thinks Olivia likes him. He’s also had many chances in the Villa and I’m confused to why America wants him to stay so bad. He’s had enough time.

With the new girls coming in maybe they’re finally ready to give Olivia the boot. If they don’t give her the boot, I would definitely know that something is up with production and Olivia.

This season is all over the place and one of the most fraudulent seasons of Love Island that I’ve ever watched with all versions combined.