Love Island USA Genevieve Is Getting Backlash But We Kind Of Love Her!

If you haven’t noticed the fake-ness of this cast yet then you’re probably just as fake.

This season of Love Island is filled with influencers and people teaming up to win the money and even those who left the villa early are saying it!

Will and Kyra? Lol

Charlie? C’mon…..

Olivia and Korey? Really!

Trina? The fake tears?

Shannon and Josh might win and that’s not even saying much at this point.

Jeremy is there because?

Now with Leslie and Genevieve coming into the Villa, I feel they finally gave the show new life after Javonny, Wes, Florita and Aimee were dumped.

A lot of people really hate Genevieve and if she is there for followers and etc, I wouldn’t be mad at her because they’re all there for that. I’ve watched too many seasons starting with every UK season to know when something is up and when production is behind it. Production is all behind this season. Also Genevieve is 22, give her a break.

So don’t worry about the hate comments Genevieve, we see you.