Is Charlie And Cinco Trying To Get With Cashay Just To Win Love Island USA?

This season of Love Island USA has to be one of the fakest seasons and I feel as if I can see through them all.

I think Cashay is really there for love but I don’t think the man pursuing her is 100% in it for love.

I don’t think Cinco is there for love but got caught in a love triangle. I think he’s possibly trying to re-couple with Cashay because of the fan votes. I wouldn’t mind them winning though.

I think Charlie was studying the show as well before coming on and went from Cashay because she was the popular fan vote. His whole social media presence just makes me side eye him. Tonight’s episode made me side eye him even more because he brung up the whole social media thing to Genevieve and I feel it was in a way to make it seem like he wasn’t there because of it.

More like a “look at them, don’t look at me.”

I’m uncomfortable

I truly hope they’re there for true love because this whole season is looking like a game and I wouldn’t mind 2 new islanders coming in and snatching the title.