Love Island USA Season 3 Too Spicy For TV Special Episode Review

This special Paramount episode is a continuation of last nights premiere of Casa Amor.

This episode gave us a more look into what newbies we think will enter the villa.

Olivia and Kam seem to be hitting it off so I could see Olivia picking Kam. I don’t really see it going anywhere but Olivia will have to pick someone lol.

Cashay is leaning more towards Charlie. They even slept in the same bed together cuddled up. Cinco is not bringing a girl back, it’s not happening but he’s not in the mindset of wanting Trina. It seems like he wants to couple back up with Cashay so the Cashay, Charlie and Cinco drama will be crazy. Funny how things are switching around with that.

Kyra is not interested, she wants to go back to Will. Shannon is just having fun but her love from Josh is too deep. I think they’re safe.

Will is very flirtatious. I could see him bringing Flo back but then again I could see him being very loyal. He’s also talking to Leslie but I don’t see it going anywhere.

Jeremy and Genevieve seem to be set. Genevieve and Shannon knows each other so that’ll be interesting.

Korey kissed Isabel in bed so I could see him bringing Isabel back.

I’m still irritated that Olivia ruined Javonny’s time in the Villa. She’s talking about regretting not opening up much in the beginning with the guys so she wants do that with the Casa guys but what she needs to do is apologize to Javonny. She will always be unlikable to me.

New girl Genevieve wanted to get at Josh who is Shannon’s man at first but now that she’s with Jeremy she’s trying to be nice towards Shannon who’s supposedly her friend.

We don’t see much from Kay sadly, I think it’s safe to say that she won’t be coming back with Cinco even though he finds her attractive.

Charlie made a great point telling Cashay that she shouldn’t have to wait in line. Their little conversation was nice and I think she should just bring him back. The villa need some drama anyway, the ratings declining lol.

Tune in for tomorrow night episode on CBS.