Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 15 Review

The episode starts with Cashay and Charlie flirting and then over at the boys villa, Leslie let’s Josh know that all of the girls want him.

This is honestly starting to seem like a game. None of this feel genuine. I think the new girls stepped in with a game plan and that’s it.

Flo is kind of making Will change his mind. I think Kyra deserves better than him and don’t want them together at all after that kiss he had with Flo.

Korey and Leslie late night snack was adorable, they seem to be hitting it off but that never last long in Casa Amor.

Cinco basically tells Will that he thinks that Flo and him are a better match and i king of agree. I think Kyra and Korey would’ve been a great match if they would’ve stayed together in the beginning of the show.

Leslie pulls Cinco to the side to talk and they kiss and cuddle up and Korey is not looking too happy about this.

Back at the girls villa, Trina is crying again. She needs to just open up to the new guys and bring her someone new back same with Cashay.

The og women are killing this game beating out the boys. Casa Amor was the winning of the game.

Now Olivia is being very picky. I don’t see her and Kam being a thing or even lasting. She was a waste of room on this show. I wish Javonny never gave her so much energy and time.

Cashay needs to stop thinking about Cinco. Cinco is thinking about Leslie.

Tomorrow night everyone picks what they’re going to do. Tune in.