Love Island USA Season 3 Sees A Decline In Ratings Since Javonny, Wes, Aimee and Florita Dumping

On Thursday July 22nd, Love Island USA Season 3 seen their highest ratings for the season since the premiere but at the end of that episode, it was announced that 4 people would be dumped!!

That episode grabbed an amazing 1.8 million viewers!

On Friday July 23rd, the beginning of the episode let go of fan favorites Javonny, Aimee, Newbie Wes and Newbie Florita. They all immediately left the villa during the first 5 minutes of the episode.

This was the first episode without the 4 in the villa together. This episode received 1.4 million viewers becoming the second lowest rated episode of the season so far. Almost biggest demographic drop of the season.

The cast headed for Casa Amor yesterday (July 25th), let’s see will that pick the ratings back up.