Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 14 Review

The episode starts off with Will and Kyra, same old nothing new.

Then Shannon and Josh have a conversation about their relationship and Josh seems like his head definitely will turn. Shannon does not trust him.

Javonny not being present is felt. He made this show so much better and these new episodes just shows how little personality everyone else has.

Back at the Villa, the boys get a special text for a boys day out but little do they know……CASA AMOR is coming!

The girls get a text about Casa Amor.

Out on dinner, Cinco explains that he has feelings for Cashay. He feels better being with her.

Raul, Andrew, Charlie, Kam and Gabe enter the villa and they’re ready to help turn heads.

Raul and Charlie wants Cashay.

Gabe And Andrew wants Shannon.

Kam wants Kyra.

No one really wants Olivia and Trina.

Kay, Genevieve, Leslie, Flo and Isabel are ready to shake up the villa. They all walked inside acting as if they own the villa.

Did I forget to mention that it’s Korey’s Birthday!

Shannon is feeling Gabe but she’s missing Josh. Gabe is also into Shannon.

Cashay seem to be interested in Charlie and Raul is interested in Cash.

Raul also likes Olivia…..Run.

Isabel wants Korey 100%. Genevieve wants Jeremy. Will wants Leslie and Flo. Flo wants Will.

I can just imagine Javonny pulling out that camera soon as he saw the Casa Amor girls. We were robbed.

Genevieve and Jeremy goes for a chat and she’s doing all of the talking.

Shannon sits and talks with Gabe but I think she scared her a little bit with her conversation.

Korey sits and talks with Isabel and she lets him know that she’s 100% into Korey. Korey don’t seem to like her though.

Olivia starts talking to Kam and basically lying. Run Kam, Run.

Kyra cries over missing Will while on the other side Will is seeing a connection with Flo.

Cashay is falling for Charlie and they have a conversation about kids and Cashay reveals that it’s going to be hard for her to have kids. This is so touching to say.

This whole episode is just one big everyone getting to know everyone.

Cashay and Charlie kiss was so spicy. I could definitely see her bringing him back.

Kyra is so deep in love with Will that she couldn’t follow through with the game and actually kiss the guys but Will kissed Flo and loved it.

Overall heads will possibly turn but the episode was kind of boring to be 2 hours.

Tune in Tuesday for more Casa Amor drama. Special episode on Paramount on Monday.