Javonny and Cashay Friendship Wasn’t As Strong As Fans Thought, At Least On Cashay’s Side

One of our favorite parts of Love Island was definitely Javonny always looking out for Cashay and being loyal to Cashay but it seems that friendship wasn’t as solid as we or Javonny thought. I even remember the announcer calling Cashay out for not being as honest with Javonny like he is with her.

Javonny jokingly says that he think Cashay wanted him out of the Villa.

He shared:

He’s joking but serious. He still got love for Cashay but you can tell what she did hurt him but he has to just play it cool.

Cashay new best friendship with Olivia did seem random. Olivia led Javonny on the whole time. He should’ve stayed over her. I also think the boys picked Olivia to stay to give her another chance + she’s an original. The boys probably thought the girls would pick Javonny to stay but they didn’t. Picking Jeremy was a weird decision and I don’t even understand how Cashay even let that slide or why she picked to be the one to announce it.

I wonder what Olivia said to her in the Villa as well.